April, 2018
National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
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Supporting Organizations
Sinopharm Group
Reed Exhibitions
USDOC (The United States Department of Commerce)
Business France
UKTI (UK Trade & Investment)
Bavarian Bureau for International Business Relations
Baden-Wurttemberg International, Germany
Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT)
The Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute
Switzerland Global Enterprise
Consulate General of Canada
Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Employment
Ministry of International and Intergovernmental Relations, Government of Alberta
Quebec Government
Korea Medical Devices Industrial Cooperation Association
Indian Drug Manufacturers' Association (IDMA)
Korea Pharmaceutical Traders Association
Health Food Society of Taiwan
Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy
Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry
Food Industry and Research and Development Institute
Hongkong Council for The Promotion Trade
China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association
Elite TCM Network
European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations
Vietnamn Industry and Commercial Counsil
Chinese Society of Radiology
Chinese Society of Nuclear Medicine
Chinese Society of Ultrasound Medicine
CAMDI (China Association for the Medical Devices Industry)
China National Scientific Instruments & Materials Corporation
China National Medical Equipment Co. Ltd
China Pharmaceutical Industry Association
China National Pharmaceutical Packaging Association
China Pharmaceutical Association of Plant Engineering
China Entry & Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
Label Printing Sub-association, Printing and Printing Equipment Industries Association of China (PEIAC)
China Association of Pharmecutical Commerce
China National Pharmaceutical Industry Information Center